Short History of Tékumel Miniatures 5: Side Trip to Salarvyá

I offer another brief detour before I revise Part 3 in light of new information and then move on to PHD Miniatures in the next installment.

Tékumel miniatures are a testament to impermanence, with various companies flickering briefly to life and then again leaving this plane. The short skein of Robert Richardson’s Salarvyáni figures is a good example. Carl Brodt in January 1998 first announced on the usenet that a new company had been producing 25mm miniatures of Salarvyáni armies for “less than a year.” In March 1999, Brodt announced that Tita’s House of Games would carry Richardson’s Salarvyáni line. But by July 2000 Brodt had announced the miniatures were no longer being produced and that he had sold the balance of the inventory

The line never changed and consisted of:

E-1       Nchech of the Mace of Steel
E-2       Nchech of th Sable Sea
E-3       Nchech of the Grey Standard
E-4       Nchech of the Silver Standard
E-5       Nchech of the Black Standard
E-6       Nchech of the Unsheathed Blade
E-7       Archer
E-8       Slinger
E-9       Sreddeq
E-10      Standard Bearer
E-11      Warrior with 2-Handed Axe
E-12      Trumplet Player
E-13      Light Foot Soldier with 2-Handed Axe
E-14      Always listed as “Unavailable”
E-15      Light Foot Solder with Axe & Spear
E-16      Sapper

Richardson’s address was in Seffner, Florida. I don’t know anything about him or what happened to him. Nor do I have any photos of the miniatures, which are a rare collectible item.

Barker must have known and approved of (or at least tolerated) the line. However, sources that have seen the figures question how much they resemble drawings in the miniature sourcebook of Salarvyáni units and possible other problems.

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