The Whole Collection

I am working on a post about the Journals but in the meantime here is a fun photo of my whole collection, which I am inventorying for the first time today.  (I have been a little reluctant to contemplate all that I have acquired over the years.)



6 thoughts on “The Whole Collection

    • Good eye. That is some multiple copies of the German edition of Adventures on Tékumel, which comprises translations of Part One: Growing Up on Tékumel and Part Two, Volume One: Coming of Age on Tékumel. The German name is Tékumel: Kindheit und Jugendjahre in Tsolyánu.”

      A future post will discuss this very interesting book.

    • I backed a kickstarter that included it. I wish I had two more. There are four layers, so it carries quite a bit.

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